Rules and Regulations - Sofa Dormitory

Rules and Regulations applicable to all dormitories and other student housing managed by Sofa company. Administration located in Poznan.

§ 1. General provisions
1. A dormitory is a place of living, relaxation and studying for entitled students, henceforth referred to as 'residents'.
2. A dormitory should be an object of special protection and concern seen as extending proper care over its state and order.
3. The dormitory is managed by the administration which maintains supervision over compliance to the rules included in this document and is liable to the owners and residents in case of an inappropriate functioning of the property.

§ 2. Accommodation Rules
1. Accommodation is provided on a first come first served basis.
2. Moving in is possible two days prior to the date appointed in the contract, provided that there is free space in the dormitory and there are no other obstacles to moving in.
3. The residents are still obliged to make a payment for the whole month or the period of time from the agreed accommodation date, even if moved in at a later time.
4. Accommodation of residents takes place from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Accommodation outside the working hours is possible only when employees are available and after making an additional payment of 50 zl. The administration should be informed of the willingness of a resident to move out by means of an email.
5. The applicant is obliged to submit the following documents:
a) Identification Card / passport
b) deposit payment confirmation,
6. Every resident is obligated to pay a deposit prior to moving in on account of financial coverage for potential damages caused to the property as well as the final financial settlement
7. Under justified circumstances it is possible to change the assigned room after receiving a prior consent from the administration.
8. Students who lived in the dormitory also in the past academic year are allowed to make a priority booking of the room for the following academic year. The willingness to make a booking should be expressed 7 days before the end of the contract, at the latest. The bookings are made by the administrator of the building. The condition for finalisation of the booking is settling all current payments on the account of the Landlord as well as the acceptance of the administration. A made booking does not mean the resident was granted a room in the following academic year.
10. Before accommodating residents are obliged to acquaint themselves with the contents of this document containing Rule sand Regulations of the rented property. By signing the contract one is accepting the terms of Rules and Regulations referred to in this document.

§ 3. The terms of accommodation
1. Before moving out of the dormitory each resident is obliged:
a) to report the moving out date to the administrator, no longer than 3 days before moving out,
b) to return rented or borrowed equipment,
c) leave the room tidy and in order,
d) to settle all overdue payments,
e) to return the keys to the room,
f) to take all personal belongings.
1a. If the student intends to extend the contract till the next academic year:
and moves out for the period of summer holidays, they are still obliged to make a rent payment, according to the agreed rate, for each booked month, as well as to collecting all valuable belongings from their room and common rooms; the Landlord is responsible for the items left behind. The landlord does not take responsibility for the items of the tenant, which were left behind.
and expresses the willingness to live in the dormitory for the period of summer holidays is obliged to make all payments as stated in the contract.
2. Checking out of residents takes place from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Check-out outside the working hours is possible only when employees are available and after making an additional payment of 50zl. The administration should be informed of the willingness of a resident to move out by means of an email.
3. The administrator of the dormitory or an authorised person checks the state of the room before a resident moves out.
4. In case of moving out without prior settlement, the administrator takes the room over by joint acceptance. According to the terms included in the hand-over protocol regarding missing equipment, damaged to the equipment or rooms, the resident is charged with costs of repair, possibly a cost of renovation
5. The resident loses the right to the room in the dormitory when:
a) falls 2 weeks behind the payment for the room, regardless one prior payment demand,
b) breaches the Rules and Regulations of the dormitory
c) fails to meet other agreements listed in the lease agreement
6. The loss of the right to reside in the dormitory constitutes the basis for the termination of the lease agreement with immediate effect.

§ 4. The rights and Obligations of the residents
1. A resident of the dormitory has a right:
a) to choose their flatmates within the bounds of possibility regarding the standards of premises,
b) to use their room and equipment designated for general use,
c) to enter and exit the dormitory at any hour,
e) to entertain guests (only when they themselves are present in the building) from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
f) to lodge a complaint against the administration,
2. Every resident of the dormitory is obliged:
a) to comply to the generally accepted rules of social conduct,
b) to comply to the Rules and Regulations enclosed in this document as well as rules regarding occupational health and fire safety ,
c) to behave properly within the premises of the dormitory, allowing other residents to study and rest,
d) to care for the property and counteracting its inadequate usage,
e) to keep cleanliness in the rooms, bathrooms, as well as common rooms,
f) to pay for rent and media in a timely manner,
g) to obey curfew,
h) to comply with the decisions of the administration,
i) to ensure the state of the room, at the time of moving out, is the same as before moving in,
j) to economically use water and electricity,
k) not to throw any items out the dormitory's windows
l) to report noticed defects or damages to the administration.

§ 5. Terms of use
1. Within the premises of the dormitory it is forbidden:
a) to use manual, electrical stoves, radiators, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. outside the rooms designated for their usage,
b) to allow third parties, not bound by lease agreement, access to your room
c) to distribute cigarettes, alcohol and narcotics,
d) to bring and consume alcohol and narcotics,
e) to independently fix and change available equipment or installations,
f) to gamble,
g) to be in possession of firearms, pneumatic weapons, or melee weapon as understood within the confines of the Polish law,
h) to bring and keep animals,
i) to place advertisements outside designated spaces,
j) to smoke cigarettes outside designated places,
k) to bring and keep objects, which might pose threat to life, health, and property or be uncomfortable to other residents,
l) to run any kind of business (economical, trade, production, entertainment or gastronomical),
ł) to change locks in rooms as well as make extra keys to the rooms without the permission of the administration.

§ 6. Responsibility of the residents
1. Every resident of the dormitory takes full responsibility for the rented property and is obliged to return it in an unaltered state: quality and quantity-wise as seen in the appropriate usage of the rented space.
2. The responsibility for the state of the property is born jointly and severally by all residents.
3. The residents are liable for all missing, damaged equipment or furnishing.
4. Each resident is individually liable for the furnishing of their own room as well as the common rooms; in case the perpetrator of a particular incident is unknown, all residents are jointly liable, in equal parts.
5. If a resident is financially burdened on the account of a damage, which amount exceeds the amount of the deposit, the resident is obliged to pay the missing amount needed to even out the costs of inflicted damage.
6. Any changes made to the furnishings or any other radical changes made to the rooms require prior consent of the administration. This in particular relates to hole-drilling, fixing furnitures or exchanging them between rooms.

§ 7. Visiting Rules
1. Visiting hours in the dormitory are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m..
2. People in condition indicative of being under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants have no right to enter the premises of the dormitory.
3. A visitor, under justified circumstances, may stay overnight in the room of the resident they are visiting, if other residents agree to it.
4. The time the visitor is allowed to stay in the dormitory cannot exceed two days a month, unless the resident receives a prior consent of the administration for a longer stay of the visitor in question.
5. The administration reserves the right to check the identity of every person within the premises of the dormitory at any time, especially people who use keys to rooms.
6. The visitors are obliged to comply with the Rules and Regulations.
7 Residents hold responsibility for the behaviour of their visitors.
8. The administration, under justified circumstances, may prohibit third parties to access the premises of the dormitory as well as order those disturbing the peace of other residents to leave the premises of the dormitory.
9. If necessary, the residents, administration and other authorised people are under obligation to call the appropriate emergency services.

§ 8. Regulations
1. In the dormitory there is a compulsory curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., during which it is prohibited to disturb the peace and quite of the residents.
2. All social gatherings taking place in rooms should be adjusted to the curfew hours.
3. In order to ensure the Rules and Regulations enclosed in this document are conscientiously complied with, the administrator or an authorised person reserves the right to access the rooms.
4. Room inspection may take place between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. in the presence of the residents, subject to the Act. 3.
5. In case of a justified suspicion as to breaching the terms of the Rules and Regulations, the administrator reserves the right to enter the room also after 10 p.m. The aforementioned people also have the right to access the rooms while the residents are absent, only in case of an emergency requiring an immediate repair or in case of a life, health or property threatening situation.
6. Once a month, as requested by the administrator, the residents allow access to the property for the purposes of technical and sanitary inspection of the room and bathroom.

§ 9. Final Provisions
1. All student disputes resulting from cohabiting in the dormitory are resolved by the administrator of the property.
2. The dormitory is not liable for private properties of residents.
3. In the event of breaching the Rules and Regulations referred to in this document or rules of social interaction, the student is held disciplinarily liable (reprimand to expulsion).