1. How can I book a room ?

You can book a room, by contacting with us by the mail or phone - we will inform you about the current room availability. If we have a place for you, then we will send you the agreement form with all  the conditions for your view.

2. Are there any additional booking fee?

If  you book a room in advance -  then for each month of the reservation and till the day of moving in,  you will be obligate to pay reservation fee in the amount of  half of the rent. The fee is non-refundable, but if  your arrival is in the middle of the month – you can use reservation fee as a rent  for that month.

Example: If you are reserving the room starting from  July and you are planning to move in at  the end of September - we will prepare an agreement according to which, from July to September - you are obligate to pay mentioned reservation fee for every month till the day of moving  in (fee in the amount of  half of the rent) - to keep the room booked.

3. We come with larger group - can we make a transfer of all booking fees in one transaction?

Yes – all you need to do is to add all names of tenants in the title transfer.

4. When I have to pay for the deposit?

The security deposit must be paid at the latest at the the day of picking up the keys - you can pay in cash or bring a confirmation of payment for the meeting of checking in. Unfortunately you can not pay by credit card.

5. Does the deposit will be returned at the end of my stay?

Under the agreement, the deposit will be refunded to your account within about one month from the day of moving out.

6. Can I check in at night or during the weekend?

We work from Monday to Friday 9:00 -17:00, and only at this time can be introduced. If, however, you will not be able to reach us personally, the key can pick up a person authorized by you.  Then you should notify the administration of the first and last name of that person and the issue of proof of a specific person.

7. Can I connect to internet immediately after checking in?

To add the device to internet connection, first you need to find MAC address – you can prepare this data before your arrival and send to us by the e-mail the day before the planned checkin in.

8. I want to connect multiple devices to the internet – what will be the cost?

You can add 3 devices and  the price  for them is  included in monthly rent price.

9. Can I pay the rent at another time?

Exceptionally 1-2 times per semester is acceptable to postpone the date of payment (a few days), but you need to inform our office in advance.

10. I'm going to practice - what about charges?

If you are going away for at least one month, you need to return the key and the fee for utilities will be canceled for that month. If the trip is longer, we sign an annex to the agreement, according to which for the period of absence you will be obligate to pay reservation fee amounting to half the rent for every month.

11. I want to pre-terminate the contract and move out of the apartment. How the formal process will gonna look like and what about the costs?

Under the terms of the contract can be terminated with one month's notice, the notice must be in writing, otherwise it will be ineffective. The contract expires at the end of next month, counting from the moment of writing, so till this time you will be obligate to pay the rent and media fee.

Example: January 12 office employees deliver a written termination. This means that by the end of January and throughout February still incur the cost of rent and the media, even if you move out before, for example at Jan. 13.

12. Can I live in a room with my girlfriend / boyfriend?

Yes - Administration allows the cohabitation of both the room and the entire apartment. So you can report to us together with your friends and inquire about the option to join accommodation in one apartment.

13. Can I live with a pet?

Unfortunately not. It may happen that you will share premises with the person or persons allergic to pelage, which can not be exposed to such discomfort.

14. Does the room have a private bathroom?

In each of our apartments is from 2 to 4 bathrooms shared by 6-12 people, depending on the apartment.

15. Is kitchens are equipped with pots, plates, cutlery?

Each kitchen is partially equipped with basic dishes, but the administration of the premises does not guarantee that, so better bring your favorite cup and saucer.

16. Do you provide linen?

We do not provide the bedding.

17. Does the apartment is an iron, ironing board, laundry dryer?

The administration does not provide such equipment - in the apartments you will find only intra-household appliances.

18. Does the apartment with a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner is at each apartment but only at the dorm of Asnyka 4. In our other buildings, this type of equipment can be rented free of charge from the cleaners there's aid.

19. How does the administration cares about the cleanliness?

Once a week all the common areas: hallways, bathrooms, kitchens are cleaned by our staff, so your responsibilities include the maintenance of a reasonable condition of the rooms and taking out behind any debris.

20. What if my friends are coming from out of town - can they stay at my room ?

For accommodation of persons who are not obliged with the agreement, the administration allows to stay a maximum of two days during the month, however, should always be agreed with other flatmates, including due to the settlement of charges for utilities.

21. What happens if someone destroys something in the apartment? Who is responsible for that?

If the destruction of the common concerns, we will try to determine the culprit (usually residents help us do that, that the costs covered only the perpetrator). All applications in such cases the administration considered individually.

22. My flatmates make noise at night - what should I do?

If the road of neighborly requests failed to silence roommates, you have the right to call law enforcement (police, city guard). Such situations should be also reported to the employees of our office, so we will drawn consequences by specific persons, inclusive  the termination of the rental agreement.

23. What to do when there is some technical accident at the flat?

From Monday to do Friday, 9:00 - 17:00  - all of our premises are supervised by our repairman, so you just need to contact with the office and we will pass  the information.